Maids of Honor AZ


Clean stove top, drip pans, hood
Vacuum and mop floors
Spot wipe cabinet doors, drawers
Clean counter tops and appliances
Clean sink, stoppers and knobs
Clean refrigerator top, front, seals
Spot clean woodwork
Wipe baseboards & woodwork
Lemon oil cabinet fronts
Remove knobs & vent screens on stove
Remove bottom refrigerator grill

Clean & sanitize sinks, faucets, toilets
Clean and shine mirrors
Wipe toiletries and towel bars
Clean tub, shower, tile and basin
Clean floors
Spot clean woodwork
Wipe baseboards
Lemon oil cabinet fronts
Wipe light fixtures

Tidy the room
Empty and clean ashtrays
Wipe telephones
Empty, clean, re-bag wastebaskets
Dust wall hangings, pictures
Spot wipe doors, walls, light switches
Clean furniture and knick knacks
Dust ceiling fans, blinds
Dust cobwebs
Dust baseboards, vents, window sills
Vacuum carpeting
Mop floors
Clean laundry room (if inside the house)
Sweep outside front entrance door
Wipe window sills, vents, baseboards
Wipe ceiling fans, blades, glassware
Clean and shine pictures
Wipe light switches and fixtures
Wipe vertical blinds
Move furniture (within reason)
Vacuum furniture


Phoenix AZ


Established in 1991, we have years of experience behind us and the real know-how to take your clean from satisfactory to excellent.

We give you a REAL promise. If something is not cleaned to your satisfaction, let us know within 24 hours and we will return and re-clean it for free.

We provide our clients with an exceptional clean. The first time, the fifth time, every time. Our clients know they can depend on us.

When we do your housecleaning, you get the perfect combination of professional quality and personal service. Since 1991, Maids of Honor has developed an extremely effective cleaning program. You can depend on our responsiveness, accountability and personal attention.


Address: 15820 N. 35th Ave Ste 20, Phoenix, AZ 85053
Phone Number: (602) 504-1047



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