Clean Towers Window Cleaning Phoenix


Window Cleaning
Clean your building’s windows every 3-6 months to maintain the aesthetic and condition of your glass.
Caulking and Refinishing
With our expertise in rope descent, we can seal any gaps in exterior building material be it a construction project or a maintenance repair.
Rope Access Repair
To scaffold a building for repair can be very costly. Rope access is a great alternative to scaffold at a fraction of the price.
Signage Installation
By using a swing stage, we can install large advertisements boards or new signage on a building.




At Clean Towers we have one goal: Make our cities and the buildings within them shine brighter with clean, beautiful, and optimal exteriors. We bring an experienced team, combining workmanship and attention to detail to simplify the cleaning process. We lend service that makes life easier, more enjoyable, and delightful.
High rise window cleaning safety standards continue to change and improve. The spirit and tenacity of our skyscraping pioneers lives on through our Clean Tower teams.


Address: 44 W Monroe St. #1903 phoenix AZ 85003

Phone Number: (480) 567-4394



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